What can I do?

First: Ask questions!

Is this a progressive site, or a conservative site? Does it confirm what you already know, or suggest new insights? Joining our mailing list is a good start, but there are ways to go deeper. The Earthsharing vision isn’t esoteric, but there are things to know about it — and you will be astounded by how useful these basic ideas can be. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources that can get you up to speed — including this self-paced online course from the Henry George Institute.

Next: Get Together and Join a Conversation!

In three thriving Facebook groups*, hundreds of folks are discussing the ideas we raise here. And if you prefer in-person meetings, the Council of Georgist Organizations holds an annual North American conference, in a different city each year, usually in the summer. Funding and staffing for this event is always in short supply, and volunteers are deeply appreciated. Get to know the people who are working to put these ideas into practice!

*The groups: Progressive Earthsharing Economics, Geolibertarianism, and LVT (for Land Value Taxation, a key element of bringing an Earth-sharing economy to life).

Then: Sound off!

Perhaps our Earthsharing message hasn’t moved you; you have other stuff on your mind. No worries! But — if you’re inspired by what you’ve learned, then help get the word out! Get your thoughts together, and write them down! Submit articles and reviews to Earthsharing.

And then: Help colleagues move into the 21st century.

If you’re an Earthsharing reader, chances are that you’re younger-than-average. Maybe you know a fair amount about using today’s social media. But there are only so many hours in a day: many Earthsharing advocates are older-than-average — and, though they’ve worked tirelessly to save communities from decline and decay, they haven’ t learned how to present their ideas effectively in today’s media. Want to share what YOU know? Contact us.

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