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None of us created this planet, yet a subset of us have claimed ownership of it.

If we are to achieve true justice, we must correct the inequality in rights to the use of the Earth. Natural resources are the basis of all wealth, and without access to many of them, we simply die.

Not only must we be good stewards to the planet, and preserve it for future generations, but we must be fair to the existing generations as well.

Nestlé’s water privatization push. Across the globe, Nestlé is pushing to privatize and control public water resources.
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10 thoughts on “Natural Resources Project”

  1. Our generous planet mother Earth has never denied us of our needs. But our ever increasing selfish desires have put under threat the health of our once vibrant mother, mother Earth.

  2. Have you come across the proposals of The Venus Project for a Resource-Based Economy? They have this “Earth sharing” included in a little bigger picture 😉

    • Yes, I am familiar with VP. Undoubtedly, the motivations of its proponents are good, but their analysis of the problems and their solutions is lacking. I believe it is simply untenable to have all natural resources managed by a benevolent AI, at least in the foreseeable future. For now, it makes a lot more sense to charge fees on the basis of economic rent and pollution. The most important charge is a land value tax. For minerals, nationalization and/or recurring auctions and extraction charges work well. There are also serious problems with their conception of money and the idea that you can simply get rid of it. Saying we are going to get rid of money is like saying we are going to get rid of data. Reciprocation data will always exist, if only in people’s minds. To create equal opportunity and take care of those least capable of fending for themselves, it makes much more sense to fund a basic income out of natural resource rents, what is commonly referred to as a citizen’s dividend. There may be other ways to deal with the problem of seigniorage, but the amount of seigniorage pales in comparison to the amount of resource rents, of which land is by far the largest.

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