Does welfare make people lazy?

Critics of welfare programs charge that support from the government makes people less inclined to go out and find work. They cite examples of the extraordinary determination of some poor people to better themselves. But isn’t there a basic fallacy in that? If there are fewer available jobs than there are workers seeking them, won’t … Read more

Saving the Planet: Lessons from Snowpiercer, ISIS, and Easter Island

by Edward Miller & Jacob Shwartz-Lucas Snowpiercer Snowpiercer was released not too long ago. It wasn’t available at most theaters, but has nevertheless found surprising success through other distribution channels. If you haven’t, be sure to see it. Caution: there are some very mild spoilers in here. The film starts by showing the last human … Read more

Addressing Climate Change Without Cost

Copenhagen   When the fanfare and posturing of the 15,000 Copenhagen climate change conference delegates finally died down, the parting conference communiqué announced — luckily — nothing much.   Governments sheepishly pronounced that while climate change is a critically important problem, the cost of action is prohibitively high, and that it would require additional job-killing … Read more