San Francisco Social Justice Walking Tour



Tour 1

9:30 am – 11:30 am
312 Mason St.

Tour 2
Noon – 1:30 PM
American Youth Hostel
685 Ellis St.

Come along on a walking tour of downtown San Francisco that illustrates a real world application of a social philosophy that asserts that the earth is the birthright of all people. In a city where “location, location, location” values rival those of anywhere else. Currently, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is over $2,800 in San Francisco. What would the world look like if all of the land value were socialized to fund schools, pave streets, run public transport, keep the museums open, operate the courts of law, etc.?

The walk begins with an overview of social movement history in SF, then quickly takes attendees to on-the-ground examples of privatized land values distorting social justice and creating relative poverty. The walk introduces participants to practical legislative efforts of the past one hundred years, while maintaining a lively human-interest storyline ensuring this walk is warmly memorable.

Two variant walks depart most every Sunday at 9:30 am and Noon from downtown San Francisco. For more information, visit  The Commons SF or call 415-948-4265.


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