London Congestion Tax Reduces Traffic Pollution While Improving Infrastructure

Is traffic a daily problem for you? Bad news: If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are that traffic congestion is only going to get worse. The nation’s roads and highway systems are being crushed as Americans flock to urban areas for economic and social opportunities. In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, … Read more

We’ve got a climate agreement. Now what?

This weekend, the Paris Climate Summit marked more diplomatic progress on the issue than ever before. China, the United States, and other key nations pledged unanimously to greatly reduce their emissions. Of all the solutions discussed, there really is only one reform that has the chance of being a game-changer, and that’s heavily taxing pollution. … Read more

In Europe, the Polluter Gets Paid

The NGO Carbon Market reported last week that European businesses make billions from free carbon quotas. For the average European Joe, this must sound absurd and incomprehensible. Wasn’t the European Union Emission Trading scheme intended to make the polluter pay? Perhaps the question is: who is being paid, then? Other–bigger–polluters, so it seems. The idea is that … Read more

Under the Dome –China’s Smog

-Ben Harp A new documentary by Chinese journalist Chai Jing titled “Under the Dome” has been hailed as China’s “Silent Spring” (a reference to Rachel Carson’s 1962 book which motivated the US government to protect the environment.).  Chai Jing’s film was initially welcomed by the Chinese government, but as the documentary went viral they suddenly … Read more