Earth Sharing on The Brian Lehrer Show

John Oliver recently quipped that infrastructure is “important but not sexy.” Maybe that’s because “Hollywood promotes unrealistic standards of infrastructure beauty. That’s not what a real road looks like! Real roads have curves!” To the contrary, we’re setting our standards too low. There is plenty of money for improving infrastructure when you consider that such … Read more

Speculators Drive Blight in Detroit

Detroit skyline

Detroit, in the mid 20th century, was a vibrant center of American industrial manufacturing with a prospering middle class. It is now the poster city of blight and urban decay. As industry has collapsed across the region, job scarcity, white flight, and soaring crime rates have driven hundreds of thousands of people out of the city. Thousands of homes, retail … Read more

Beyond Left and Right: The Grand Bargain

How a Socialist Came to Earth Sharing by Alexander Goodman   I have always been left-leaning.  I believe there should be economic justice and equality of opportunity for all. My biggest early influences were FDR, Olaf Palme, and Nelson Mandela. My first serious political involvement  started when I attended  a 2008 Democratic presidential rally for … Read more