Bidding Wars Create New Headaches for Vancouver Renters

Finding a new apartment in a competitive housing market can be exhausting: constantly scouring classified ads, racing from one showing to another, hoping that your credit history and persona can charm potential landlords. But just when you thought finding an apartment couldn’t be more difficult, prospective tenants are finding themselves in rental bidding wars, as … Read more

How Optimal Taxation Can Create a Better World

optimal taxation panel 2016 organized BIL: Oakland 2016 Recession Generation on July 9th in Oakland, California. The Optimal Taxation Panel participants were Yoram Bauman, Joshua Vincent, Fred Foldvary, Robin Hanson, and Kris Nelson. The panel moderator was Edward Miller (bios below). The discussion revolved around the essential role that natural phenomena play in all economic activity and how … Read more

Everything Like This Has Happened Before

Henry George: Everybody works but the vacant lot

Kim-Mai Cutler’s recent article “Nothing Like This Has Ever Happened Before” puts forth a sophisticated argument critiquing the naïve sentiments suggested by her title. As a whole, Cutler emphasizes the longue durée of economic history over the immediate, citing the work of economist Carlota Perez to demonstrate a rich historical pattern of bubbles and recessions … Read more