A Moocher Parading as a Wealth Creator


Meet Gina Rinehart, Australia’s wealthiest person and the world’s wealthiest woman. She recently commented that Australia would be better off if people there were willing to work for $2 a day as they do in Africa. If Australians want to be wealthier, she elaborated, they should stop drinking so much.

Rinehart claims to be a “wealth creator” but what does that word really mean? Did Rinehart create the coal in the ground? No, and neither did her father Lang Hancock who, in this video, casually discusses sterilizing aborigines .

Sure, natural resources need to be brought to market and there certainly should be a return for that.

However, should the inherent value of natural resources belong duty free to private individuals, to hoard and destroy as they please?Reinhart claims to be a wealth producer, but she is what economists call a rentier, somebody who corners the market and forces other people to give up their earnings for access to monopolized natural resources.It’s the 23 million citizens of Australia that are the real wealth creators. By not taxing Reinhart’s unearned monopoly profits, Australia must rely on taxing regular folks for working.

We all have an equal right to our planet’s natural resources. It is our common inheritance and the inheritance of future generations. Reinhart is not a wealth creator, she is a rentier. Her claim to Australia’s resources is no better than a child who claims dibs. She appropriates the wealth other people produce, perverting common notions of fairness, merit, and hard work. She sees the Australian people and humanity for that manner as her slaves.

Parody of Gina Reinhart


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Cigar smoke wafts through the doorway as you enter the room.


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